What you need for your first visit
You may have had a number of tests, x rays and mri scans done.  Your neurosurgeon can only help you if he/she has the information at the time of the visit.  Please be sure to bring any testing you have had done, generally within the last two years, to the office:

  • x rays and reports
  • CT scans and reports
  • myelograms and reports
  • MRI scans and reports
  • EMG/NCV reports
  • bone scans
  • any old operative reports

It is difficult to stress how important it is that you bring all these studies and reports to your first office visit.  If you don't have these, your neurosurgeon cannot give you a complete and objective opinion as to what he can do to help you.  The office staff can try to get the studies, but if this is done while you are waiting, it will delay your office visit and those of the patients following you.


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